Advista Biotech Celebrity Anti-Aging Deep Hydrating Gold Snail Collagen Face Mask-- 24K Nano Gold, Snail, Ginseng, Galactomuces and Seaweed Algae Extract, Natural and Safe

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This product is truly an innovation and provides superior results in improving the skin. The thicker and heavier design allows the mask to continuously provide nutrition to the skin and promote repair of skin cells. The serum uses many key ingredients that many top brands use and delivers a superb result. Many people feel a relief of dry skin immediately. Skin becomes deeply hydrated and replenished. Continuous use of the mask and serum will help the skin improve and have a healthy and natural glow in a few weeks. The mask only uses natural and safe ingredients. It is verified to be safe according to the EWG Skin Deep Database. So use it with peace of mind.

Premium Ingredients:

Galactomuces, the key ingredient in Sk-II Facial Treatment Essence

Seaweed Algea Extract, the key ingredient in Crème de la Mer

Ginseng, the key ingredient in Korean Beauty Sulwhasoo Ginseng Renewing Cream

Snail Secretion, the key ingredient used in TONYMOLY Snail Cream

24k Nano Gold, the key ingredient in OROGOLD Cosmetics

Niacinamide, the key ingredient in SkinCeuticals - Metacell Renewal B3

Collagen, the key ingredient in Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion

Key Features: 

Refine Pores

Improve Skin Texture

Diminish Fine Lines

Repair and Renew Skin Cells

Promote Natural Glow


Gently apply the face mask to your clean face. Leave it on for 30 minutes. If you live in a dry climate and like to have intense hydration, leave the mask on for 60-180 minutes. Take off the mask when it is completely dry and discard it. There is no need to wash the face afterward. Gently massage all the serums into your skin and then apply a daily moisturizer to protect the skin.

If you prefer a warm feeling, you may soak the mask in hot water for 5 minutes and then apply the mask on your face.

You may also collect the serum in the package and pour it into a bottle. Use it as an anti-aging serum and generously apply it to your face and body. 

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love this luxury face mask!

As a model, I need to keep my face youthful and radiant. This gold face mask is very moisturizing and soothes away my fine lines! Skin feels soo soft and smooth after i used this. It goes great with my makeup and helps me be ready for cameras.

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