Advista BioTech Eye Treatment Gel Masks, Anti Wrinkle Eye Gel Under Eye Patches, Reduce Dark Circles, Eye Bags and Puffiness, Magic Healing Overnight Gel Pads (10 Packages with Advanced Peptide Serum)

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Skin Recovery Theory

These innovative eye masks are the ultimate solution the skin problems under the eyes. The ideas of using eye masks come from the Silicone Gel Sheeting (SGC). The silicone sheets cover the scar area, so water will stay and cells can be renewed. Our eye masks are based on SGC theory and made further breakthroughs using new and innovative technologies. Not only the masks provide protections to the treatment area, but they also provide nutrition and water to the area. So watch your wrinkled, sagging or damaged skin be renewed in a few weeks.

Competitive Advantages:

  1. Our eye masks are totally water-soluble and highly available to cells to promote renewal. It contributes to a clean environment too. Nothing is wasted and no more plastics everywhere.
  2. Our eye masks can be used multiple times as long as you lightly rinse them and keep them clean. It is a great money-saving feature.
  3. Our eye masks can be used as short as 40 minutes when you watch TV and as long as 8 hours when you sleep. Most competitors’ eye masks will be dry in 20 minutes.
  4. Our eye masks are the only few that you can use overnight to utilize the best time when the cells are renewing themselves.
  5. The eye masks are transparent. So you can use them when you are watching TV, working out, cooking and sleeping. They are transparent and will not scare your loved ones.
  6. There are 10 pieces in the box and a bonus anti-aging serum.  Consider the use time, the number of pairs and the bonus serum, this is really a very cost-effective solution.
  7. Our eye masks follow the highest standards. The factory follows Good Manufacturing Standard, the facilities are FDA registered. The ingredients are natural and safe according to the EWG database. We avoid GMO ingredients. We do not use any harmful chemicals and do not test on animals.

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