About Us

Christine Tu

I am Christine Tu. I graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with Ph.D. in Management Science. Since then, I have been Professor, Ph.D. dissertation committee chair and an entrepreneur. My husband and I have co-founded a company called Circle with Disney. We were invited to Ellen Degeneres show and sit at Ellen's chair after the show in May, 2016.

I Hate Toxins

I happen to be the rare people who always read the ingredient labels every time and want to be fully informed on what I am putting on my face. I was shocked to see that many of them contain harmful ingredients, even in many brand names. According to EWG Skin Deep Database, these dangerous chemicals cannot be used in the long term. Some ingredients even lead to cancer. There are many others claims to be some great ingredients but actually only contains very minimal. Most of them are only cheap fillers.

Radi Budyounova

 Then I met with Radi Budyounova. She is Miss Global Russia and Miss New Jersey 2018 Globe. She shares the same vision with me. Together we started our own product line to provide natural, safe and effective beauty products with premium ingredients. We try to keep prices affordable, bring beauty, hope and strength to this world.

Our headquarter is in California

We located our headquarter in California, US. We have two locations for labs and factories. One lab and factory locates in Florida, United States and the other locates in GuangDong, China. 

We Care About Our Quality.

We do not put dangerous chemicals in our products. We offer safe, natural and effective beauty solutions.

High Standard in Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process is GMP certified.

Clean and Safe Facility for Lab and Factory

Our facility is clear and safe, using US FDA cosmetic safety standard.

No Dangerous Chemicals

We do not want harmful and dangerous chemicals in our products. It is safe according to EWG Skin Deep Database.

We Love Animals

Our product do not use animals for testing and we care about nature and environment.

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